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How is COP involved?

Deerfield Beach COP has created a SALT Council consisting of our Liaison Officer and several COP members. The council meets monthly with the Broward County TRIAD to discuss issues on their agenda and listen to presentations by TRIAD members and guests. Following the TRIAD sessions, the SALT council meets to discuss the issues presented at the TRIAD meeting and to develop local solutions to some of the issues. As ideas are developed, COP members are assigned to implement the solutions.

What is TRIAD?

A triad is a group of three. In this context, TRIAD was created to work in conjunction with law officials. In 1988, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), the International Association of Chiefs, of Police (IACP) and the  National Sheriffs Association (NSA) signed an agreement to work together in a three way effort to reduce criminal victimization of senior citizens and to reduce fear of crime among this population. The three organizations agreed that sheriff’s, police chiefs and prominent and involved senior citizens by working together, could  improve the delivery of law enforcement services for reducing crimes against the elderly and improve their quality of life through social services.

TRIAD represents this partnership of the Sheriff’s Office and Chief of Police, the State Attorney’s Office and the Commission on Aging. TRIAD’s main purpose is to develop, expand and implement effective crime prevention and education programs for senior community members in both pre-victimization and post-victimization, aspects.

What is SALT?

TRIAD also has an advisory council called the SALT Council (Seniors and Law Enforcement Together), which is responsible for the day-to-day activities of the TRIAD. Members of the SALT Council include senior citizens, community providers of social and senior services, law enforcement, criminal justice representatives, victim advocates, educators, protective services and others. The SALT Council's mission is to reduce victimization of senior citizens through education and the coordinated efforts of law enforcement, the courts, social and public services. Through the cooperative efforts of these groups, driven by the SALT Council,  communication is increased and information is shared that may prevent crime, help heal victims, and make communities safer for seniors.

What does the TRIAD / SALT Council do?

• Educate by sponsoring seminars and workshops on crime prevention, health care and other important issues.

• Providing information and peace of mind through programs designed to help seniors in need.

• Providing a forum to discuss seniors' concerns and fears.

• Developing and implementing community wide solutions to problems of senior citizens.

• Seniors benefit from regular contact with service providers, gaining knowledge of whom to call for help with specific problems and sharing that information with other seniors.

• Law enforcement gains a better understanding of the concerns affecting senior citizens, enabling them to develop programs and policies to meet those needs.

• Community Organizations benefit from improved distribution of services, partnering with other providers, and gaining a better understanding of the challenges facing law enforcement.

NOTE: The Deerfield Beach SALT Council has been inactive in recent years due to a lack of member participation. Please contact us if you are interested in the SALT mission.